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Refrigerators and Freezers

Our pride lies in this product. They range from 4 doors refrigerators, stainless steel prep food counters, 2-door refrigerators, 6-door refrigerators, 3 doors refrigerators, and tabletop 2 doors refrigerators.


Cooking ranges

 With our sleek, elegant and easy-to-cook design, we are here to amuse you with our amazing cooking range. We provide many products such as Chinese Indian and even Bulk cooking ranges.

Gas range.jpg

Commercial pizza oven

 Products that get gets its work done in less than a minute also known as the favorite of the kitchen our pizza oven.

Pizza oven.jpg

Display counters 

Bearing in mind the ability of swift management we design our display counter not only for quick service but also with elegant design and custom-made design that fits into your shop's ambiance.


Hot Bain Maries

We proudly own our Bain Maries due to its greatest ability such as the ease to use designing, steady construction and Hassle-free performance.

Hot bain marie.jpg

Stainless steel tables and Counters

Stainless steel tables and counters 
The key to every successful restaurant is the amazing ability of timely delivery of Orders which is something that our design will help your kitchen to boost in. With our out of the world design products such as the stainless steel table,  masala table, pick-up counter and much more endless range of products.

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